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Why buy, (or lease) a refurbished, off lease, or slightly used digital copiers, printers and multi-function devises, (MFD)?

The obvious answer is cost. Used or refurbished copiers, printers, and MFPs usually cost one half, or even less, than the compliable new equipment. There are those who feel that they will just be buying the headache of someone else if they buy or least a used copier, but this is really not true. Almost all copiers, printers, or MDPs, whether leased or bought, are placed on a maintenance agreement with a dealer. Copier dealers make the bulk of their profit off maintenance. They also want to have you "locked in" to buy new equipment from them. They accomplish both of these aims by charging very high rates for maintenance for any equipment not under their maintenance agreement and escalating the cost of the maintenance agreement from 5% to 15% per year.

With dealers using this strategy, you have no real choice but to place the equipment under the maintenance agreement; the cost of service without the agreement would be too high. And then within three to five years the cost of the maintenance agreement is so costly you have to buy or lease a new copier/printer. When you buy/lease the new copier or printer you get a reduced cost on the maintenance agreement. The cost is almost certainly higher than you paid in the beginning, but is less than the cost after paying for three to five years.

To beat this system you just buy or lease a used or refurbished copier, printer, or MFD. Place it on a maintenance agreement, (most dealers will charge a higher rate for used equipment, about ten percent, but this will still be much lower than the rate ate the end of maintenance agreement and with the savings on the equipment costs, much lower than buying or leasing a new printer/copier.) If the copier, printer, or MFD breaks, the dealer will fix it. Over time, when the maintenance cost get too high, replace the equipment with another used piece.

Will this work for everyone in every situation? Of course not. There are times when buying or leasing new equipment might be more cost effective. Other times it might be better to get a used copier and not even put maintenance on it. You must evaluate you own situation, but the vast majority of cases buying a used copier/printer and placing it under a maintenance agreement is the smart thing to do.


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